About Touring Exhibition

“The Fieldoffice Architects" is rooted in the landscape of Yilan, maintaining an office size of about 20 people. However, through accumulation of over the last 20 years, it also has become an “alliance of gathered will" of nearly 100 people, seeking truth in the way of living. Because of its natural formation and genuine intentions, this way of living has unexpectedly become one of the common choices of the young generation when pursuing the ideal of “creating a newly-found local life through professional integration!”

As a result, the professionally cultivated yet refreshing sense of appreciation of their surroundings gave rise to a more sentimental environment.

This exhibition consists of 3 parts,
1.Setting a datum- canopy as the new reference line
2.Condensing social memories- interventions via time
3.Returning to the land- continuum in suspension of time
and a section on anecdotes.

The original working models presented here are most evident of the fact that most design projects were realized through a long period of waiting process. Every few years, when chances arise in different locations, Filedoffice would take the perfect opportunity in the right moment to interact with local residents to deduce the best possible design solutions on-site. Hence, the working models encompassing different pieces have served as the most effective communication tool to present to the locals. There is no final model. Every model is a live documentation of its current condition waiting to be modified and added through time.

Year after year, with persistence and patience, every partner who participated including the local inhabitants has contributed in creating public connecting corridors. This process of placemaking has resulted in the creation of the public open spaces we see today and the place of living where the local residents enjoy every day.